Tesla is a Serb who was born in Croatia and has Austrian citizenship.

Dorm story

  • The greatest inventor in human history (self-proclaimed). The incarnation of genius (self-proclaimed). People who change the world (self-proclaimed). Please offer everything you can think of - if you don't, she is very easy to get angry (self-proclaimed).
  • Although she calls herself "the person who created the modern world", at first she was just a little girl who liked to work with the radio. At that time, the parents only thought that this little girl might become the only female electrician in the town when she grew up - until she unexpectedly passed the entrance exam of a famous Austrian university.
  • In fact, Tesla (bad mathematician), which is a serious part of the discipline, can be accepted because of the special talent needs of the Destiny Organization. At that time, the Schicksal HQ was carrying out a project to make an engine. Tesla's talent in the electrical field made her stand out – but soon she went to the North American branch.
  • Tesla, who is not satisfied with the headquarter management mechanism, is also not very happy in the North American branch. Edison, the behind-the-scenes boss of NA branch, tried to give her "special cultivation", he two girls soon hated each other. If it wasn’t for Planck who enrolled her in a doctorate program, perhaps her unique talent would never be in her early days.
  • Tesla is indeed a rare invention genius. Edison, who is not used to persevere in universality and pursue mass production, her wild imagination has brought a lot of incredible technological breakthroughs for Anti-Entropy - although in the process, the project proved to be “nonsense”.


  • Tesla's first dorm story is a humor version of Einstein dorm story.
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