The Fire Moth was an organization of the Old World that has been wiped out prior to the current civilization. Its purpose was to serve and protect the last of Humanity but failed and was wiped out by the final (14th) Herrscher of the era.


The Fire Moth (long name: THE MOTH WHO CH△SE THE FL△MES)  was a rebel organization located in Nagazora City, which was founded by human beings in the Old World. The mission of this organization was to protect people and eliminate Houkai threats.

However, when the 14th Herrscher destroyed the Old World, this organization was also wiped out.

Acronym: MOTH (Myrmidon Of Taskforce Houkai)

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Quantum Mechanics

Professor Mei researched quantum mechanics and used its capabilities to eliminate Houkai threats.

Solider Project

When the organization discovered that the 7th Herscherr was too strong against any normal human, Professor Mei started the Soldier project in order to improve human strength by fusing the human body with the DNA of Houkai beasts. These solider were called "Fusion Warriors" or MANTIS (Massively Augmented Neo-Tech Integrated Solider)

  • Kevin Kaslana was later fused with the DNA of the Emperor-class Houkai beast, Parvati, giving him the power to control ice, and also make his body temperature drop to -30°C, making anybody standing near him turn cold. With his newfound ice powers, he used Judgement of Shamash to defeat the 7th, 9th and 11th Herscherr.
  • In order to maximize the effects of the experiment, Dr. Mei decided to gather surviving soldiers on the battlefield and throw them into a ruined city full of Houkai beasts. Want to use life and death to stimulate the potential of the subject's body, and improve the success chance of the Fusion Warrior experiment. A new supersolider was born: MSA-209 HUA.
  • In Sea of Quanta, there is a Fire Moth supersolider, numbered CM-004. Appearance is same as Unforgotten Apostle, with a pendant storing electronic photos of herself and her sister on her neck.

The God Key Project

Mei and Prometheus A.I. created this project in order to make God Key weapons, and use it against Houkai. Eleven powerful God Keys were made in total before the organization was wiped out. However, only 7 out of 11 God Key weapons were found as of today.

S.A.V.E Top Secret Projects

Project: Stigmata

This is the last project created by Professor Mei to implant stigmata to the human body. Mei knew that the 14th Herrscher would later destroy their civilization, so she left and preserved a batch of girls called the Seed of Revenge which Fuxi, Nuwa, and Fu Hua was included in, with stigmata implants with the goal of guiding and protecting the next generations to come.

Project: Ark

An Ark of retained knowledge bearing a copy of human genome library. the Ark was launched to seek other habitable planet for humanity.

Project: Valuka

A Valuka is to perform analysis of a myriad universes within the Seed of Sumeru.

The task is to finding the perfect solution to defeat the Houkai.

Project: Ember

An Emergency Mass Backup, Evacuation, and Revival plan. The responsible "Pioneers" were to pass knowledge and technology to the surviving humans who would rebuild civilization.

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