This article consist of style guidelines to follow when editing or creating new pages for Houkai 3rd Wiki. All editors are expected to agree and follow this guide when editing in order to ensure content consistency and quality in all Houkai 3rd Wiki's articles.

General Guidelines

  • Use official images if possible: Upload official images for highest quality. (Official images including extracted images from the game, get it on official sites and avoid get them from Social media sites due to bad compression quality)
  • Mobile compability: Due to the game being a mobile game -> viewers in here are mostly mobile users, try to make the page to be readable on mobile devices.
  • Make text as simple as possible: I recommended you to make text as simple as possible, avoiding unnecessary text walls in some locations such as Stigmata skills and Valk skills.
  • Try to be as impersonal as possible: Remember you are giving out information, not your own point of view unless its a blog. Refrain from writing biased walls of text about your experience with something in the article, do that in blogs or in the comment section at the bottom of the page instead.
  • Be professional: Read the Fandom community guide at the Top Navigation so you can create or edit pages easier.

Edit modes

The wiki support 2 edit modes: Visual Editor (default editor) and Classic Editor (recommended editor)

You can combine both Editors so it's much easier to edit things. (This page was created and edited with both modes)

Visual Editor

Visual Editor in Community Central

Classic Editor

I recommend you to use Classic Editor as it is much more precise and able to beautify/manage pages easier than Visual Editor. Also learning basic Source editing is easy, it just take 5 minutes to master all basic operations. Classic Editor in Community Central

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