Divine PrayEdit


  • Melee attack with high constant DPS
  • Have good support skills

Core featuresEdit

Core-Feature Float Float

Core-Feature Weaken Impair / Weaken

Core-Feature Spacetime Spacetime Fracture / Lock

Core-Feature Burst Burst Mode

Core-Feature Bleed Bleed

Core-Feature Tank Healing / All members elemental damage resist

General specsEdit

Spacetime Fracture
Float Yes
Branch Yes Charge No
Debuff Stun
QTE condition Paralyze

Strong points and weak pointsEdit

Strong pointsEdit

  • HP recovery specialist
  • Powerful ultimate
  • Having many debuffs (Stun, Impair, Weaken, Bleed, Spacetime Fracture / Lock)
  • High crit rate when using branch attack
  • Easy to control

Weak pointsEdit

  • Ultimate doesn't increase her dps and eventually slow her down in some cases

Divine Pray Skill SetEdit

Skill Kiana PT 005

Leader Skill - Nebula Protection

Skill Nagative Survive03

Shared skill Nebula Protection

Team elemental damage +32%
Team elemental damage received -26%

Skill Kiana PT 001 -1105334

Basic Attack - Meteor Target


Skill Kiana PT 001

Gun Fu quadra kicks

1st Kick: 100% Physical damage
2nd Kick or Shot: 100% Physical damage (unlimited shot range)
3rd Kick : 100% Physical damage
4th Kick: 300% AoE Physical damage

Skill Nagative Control01

Shared skill Nucleus Protection

Normal attacks have 15% chance to weaken enemy, ATK -70% for 4s

Skill Nagative Survive02

Nebula Shift

Normal attack have 30% chance to recover team HP by 50

Skill Kiana QN 003

Evasion - Spacetime Lock

Spacetime Lock

Skill Kiana QN 003 367260

Double Aerial / Handspring

Kiana can perform Aerial / Handspring 2 times, cd 2s
Activate Active Evasion apply Spacetime Lock to attacking target for 4s, cd 8s

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Cold Spacetime

Spacetime Lock is extended to 8s
Locked enemies receive bleeding state, deal 7% ice damage per 0.5s

Skill Nagative Survive02

Nova Fissure

Perfect Evasion recover 30HP for team

Skill Nagative Damage03

Shared skill Spacetime Glitter S-Rank

+1 Active Evasion charge, Active Evasion cd -3s

Skill Kiana QN 002

Branch Attack - Meteor Arrow

Skill Kiana PT 001

Meteor Arrow

Triple kicks followed by Whirlwind Kick then Side Kick
Whirlwind Kick: 3*150% Physical damage
Side Kick: 200% Physical damage and knock back enemy

Skill Nagative StartUp01

Shared skill Tag-in Attack - Nova Flame

Perform Side Kick with +300% physical damage when Tag-in.
If tag in attack hit floating target, stun the target for 5s.

Skill Nagative StartUp03

Shared skill QTE Attack - Falling Impact

Perform QTE attack at paralyzed enemy, deal 240% + 3563 Physical damage. Last hit recover team HP by 100

Skill Nagative Damage03

Falling Implosion S-Rank

Meteor Arrow Crit rate +40%

Skill Kiana QN 004

Ultimate - Valkyrja Protection

Skill Kiana QN 004 295530

Neko Charm! - 75 EP

Release Houkai energy and enter Burst Mode.

Burst Mode: Enhance all attacks and enter Spacetime Fracture
Continuous Burst: Consume 20 EP when trigger the skill, lose 10 EP/s.Activate burst mode more than 20s will double EP cost. Max duration 60s.

Skill Nagative Survive01

Valkyrja Blessing

Recover 67.2HP/0.5s for team during Burst Mode (including summon)

Skill Nagative Control03

Valkyrja Holy Water SS-Rank

Trigger ulti instantly recover 320HP for team

Skill Nagative Survive02

Valkyrja Shooting Star SSS-Rank

During Burst Mode, team movement speed +50%, team attack speed +30%

Skill Kiana PT 006

Passive skills

Skill Nagative Survive01

Heaven Punishment (Toggleable)

While not tagged in, thunder strike a random enemy every 10s with 1103 lighting damage and set impair debuff, reducing 80% DEF for 6s

Skill Nagative Survive02

Shining Star SSS-Rank

Automatically tag-out dying squad member and recover 600 HP. Only activate one time each stage.

Skill Nagative Survive03

Divine Light S-Rank

When tagged in, team members remove most debuff and receive +50% DEF for 4s

Outfit Story Edit

Divine PrayEdit

  • The battle suit used by Kiana is made of a material with very high Houkai resistance. Although it looks like a thin piece of cloth, the defensive performance is much better than the ordinary Valkyrie uniform.
  • The shape of the battle suit refers to the early uniform Valkyrie of Heaven, and made some modifications according to the idea of ​​Kiana, such as changing the style of the nun dress to shorts and the Kaslana family emblem behind it.
  • Although Kiana is far from the image of a traditional nun, she personally likes this battle suit. The word "Divine" always gives her an inexplicable intimacy, as if she was embraced by a warm embrace.

Violet LoveEdit

  • "Love you in a dream, you will always be so beautiful for me" - Violet Love

Winter PrincessEdit

  • "Dear Kiana, from the day I gave birth to you, I couldn’t help but look like you grew up. I accidentally made the birthday dress that you grew up with >w<, oh, really. I can't wait to give this dress to you." - Love you, Cecilia

Sunny BeachEdit

  • The bright color of this swimsuit is like ocean mist sparkling in the sunlight. It's an indicator of the wearer's cheerful personality. What's on the waist? It's a real sunflower!


  • As an early powerful character, she is the first character have a second outfit.
  • A true source of power in early version, every players owned her in this time must be veterans >w<
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