Outfit StoryEdit

пробуждение (Awakening)Edit

  • The battlesuit that was worn by Bronya when she was in Anti-Entropy. The earrings she wears with this were a gift she received from "Mother".
    In the X-10 experiment in 2013, the girl named Bronya lost many things... Her legs, her emotions, as well as some things that she would never have wanted to lose.
  • The lonely girl stands on the battlefield, killing is her only fate, as if she can only feel that she is still alive in this world. With this in mind, the girl meets her mission goals in the ruins of Nagazora city...
  • Bronya woke up, she had a dream, a nightmare from a long, long time ago. A familiar buzz from the next room, she climbed from the bed in the St. Freya student dormitory and slowly came to the window. Twilight sprinkled on Bronya's face through the curtains. She closed her eyes against the light, and the nightmare seemed to have vanished.
    At the moment was the awakening of [Ural Silver Wolf].
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