Damage type

Physical damage

  • Normal Physical damage
  • Infinity Abyss / Dirac bleed
  • Poison mist

Elemental damage

  • Lightning / Fire / Ice
  • Magic/ Hex

Shield Damage (Hidden stat)

  • Damage to shield

Force power (Hidden stat)

  • Power to objects

Bonus Damage Multiplication Fomula

  1. Base damage = [%ATK modifier * ATK points] or [Raw damage]
  2. Character Damage Multipler = (1 + All-damage) X (1+ Physical/Elemental Damage) X [Critical Damage (default is 2) ± Bonus Critical Damage] X [1 ± Attribute Restraint (0.3)]
  3. Target Damage Receive Multipler = (1 + Target Physical/Elemental Receive) X (1 + Target All damage Damage Receive)

Final Damage Multiplication Fomula

Final Character Damage = Base Damage X Character Damage Multipler X Target Damage Receive Multipler X Stage Bonus Damage

Final Summon Damage = Base Damage X Target Damage Receive Multipler X Stage Bonus Damage

Force Power

Force Power is depending on character attack velocity and weight.

Yamabuki and Divine Pray tag-in have highest force power in the game.

Shield Damage

Shield Damage is based on at least 3 stats: Final Character Damage, Hit weight and Shield Damage Multipler

Shield Damage Multipler= (1 + Damage to shield)

Critical Rate Calculator

Critical Rate = {[CRT/(Level*5+75)]+100%}*100 + Bonus Crit Rate

Burst mode

Burst mode change normal attacks into burst attacks.

  • The only exception is Miko's ulti which issen count as branch instead of burst attack.

Differences between Physical and Elemental Damage

Physical Damage

  • Can trigger critical hit unless crit rate is 0% (type disadvantage still trigger crit)
  • Damage is reduced by DEF and physical Resistance
  • Damage is blocked by physical shield except special AoE damage
  • Damage is reduced by elite / boss passive shield

Elemental Damage

  • Cannot trigger critical hit
  • Damage is reduced by Elemental  Resistance
  • Ignores elite and physical shield
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