Damage register type

A damage source may comes with multiple registers

1st damage register: Physical damage

  • Normal Physical damage
  • Infinity Abyss / Dirac bleed
  • Poison mist
  • Reflected Damage from Shields

1st damage register: Elemental damage

  • Lightning / Fire / Ice

2nd damage register

2nd may have one, many or even none.

  • Basic Attack
  • Branch Attack / Charge Attack
  • Burst Mode
  • Ultimate
  • Weapon Skill

3rd damage register

3rd damage register only have 2 types: direct and indirect damage.

  • Direct damage
  • Indirect damage

Indirect damage can be found on:

  • Damage ticks that is not a part of the attack (like ignite damage, Vortex proc, etc...)
  • Cross summon
  • Night Kasumi Active Evasion explosion for example.

These are not indirect damage:

  • Mei, Sakura clones (they can also either do Basic Attack or Branch / Charge Attack).
  • Remodelled Bunny 19c in Semi-Auto (Dawn of Silver Wolf) / Full-Auto (Dimension Breaker ulti) Mode.

4th damage register

  • Player
  • Summon (Cross)
  • NPC Ally (also count as summon)
  • Player Ally (Coop, 3 valks on field gamemode)

Hidden damage stats

Shield Damage

  • Damage to shield

Force Power

  • Power to objects

Bonus Damage Multiplication Fomula

  1. Base damage = [%ATK modifier * ATK points] or [Raw damage]
  2. Character Damage Multipler = (1 + All-damage) X (1+ Physical/Elemental Damage) X [Critical Damage (default is 2) ± Bonus Critical Damage] X [1 ± Attribute Restraint (0.3)]
  3. Target Damage Receive Multipler = (1 + Target Physical/Elemental Receive) X (1 + Target All damage Damage Receive)

Final Damage Multiplication Fomula

Final Character Damage = Base Damage X Character Damage Multipler X Target Damage Receive Multipler X Stage Bonus Damage

Final Summon Damage = Base Damage X Target Damage Receive Multipler X Stage Bonus Damage

Force Power

Force Power is depending on character attack velocity and weight.

Yamabuki and Divine Pray tag-in have highest force power in the game.

Shield Damage

Shield Damage is based on at least 3 stats: Final Character Damage, Hit weight and Shield Damage Multipler

Shield Damage Multipler= (1 + Damage to shield)

Critical Rate Calculator

$ \text{Crit rate}=[\frac{\text{CRT}}{(\text{Valk level}*5+75)}+1]+\text{Bonus rate} $

Burst mode

Burst mode is a special buffs (or indicator to trigger some gear skills) that is on top of all other attacks while ulti.

For example Seneschal Fu Hua and SK still proc Vortex while in Burst Mode

Differences between Physical and Elemental Damage

Physical Damage

  • Can trigger critical hit unless crit rate is 0% (type disadvantage still trigger crit)
  • Damage is reduced by DEF and Physical Resistance
  • Damage is blocked by physical shield except special AoE damage
  • Damage is reduced by elite / boss passive shield

Elemental Damage

  • Cannot trigger critical hit
  • Damage is reduced by Elemental Resistance
  • Ignores elite and physical shield
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