Crimson ImpulseEdit

Armor type: Tachi Specialized Assault Armor


  • Melee attacker with good AoE damage.
  • Decent skill stats for beginners.

Core featuresEdit

Core-Feature Float Float

Core-Feature Shieldbreak Shieldbreak

Core-Feature Spacetime Spacetime Fracture

Core-Feature Burst Burst mode

General specsEdit

Spacetime Fracture Float Yes
Branch Yes Charge No
Debuff Bleed QTE condition Float

Gameplay videoEdit

Honkai Impact 3rd post-1

Honkai Impact 3rd post-1.6 - White Comet and Crimson Impulse gameplay

Strong points and weak pointsEdit

Strong pointsEdit

  • Easy to handle, easy branch attack
  • Easy QTE trigger condition
  • High damage output against shield-broken elites

Weak pointsEdit

  • Require SS rank to be powerful
  • Not really strong compared to other when equipping full gear.

Crimson Impulse Skill SetEdit

Skill Mei CK 005

Leader skill - Soul of Loyalty

Skill Nagative Survive01

Shared skill Soul of Loyalty

When exceed 20 combos, team +18% Physical damage

Skill Mei CK 001 -278845

Basic Attack - Penta Soul Slash


Skill Mei CK 001

Penta swift slash

1st Slash: 100% Physical damage
2nd Slash: 120% Physical damage
3rd Slash: 75% Physical damage
4th Slash: 80% Physical damage
5th Slash: 250% Physical damage

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Relentless Slash

When exceed 20 combos, +15% attack speed

Skill Nagative Damage02

Shared skill Soul Blade A-Rank

Basic Attack have 20% chance of bleeding target, dealing 32 Physical damage/0.5s for 5s

Skill Nagative Damage03

Nightfall Sakura SSS-Rank

5th Slash increase 20% Branch Attack Physical damage, duration 6s

Skill Mei CK 003 -278764

Evasion - Shadow Blade

Spacetime Fracture

Skill Mei CK 003

Double Flash Dash

Mei can perform Flash Dash forward/backward 2 times, cd 0.5s
Activate Active Evasion trigger Spacetime Fracture for 3s, cd 15s

Skill Nagative Skill02


Passive Evasion: Mei can instantly use branch attack after Dash.
Activate Active Evasion +150% Branch Attack Physical damage for next attack.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Shared skill Shadow Soul S-Rank

+20% Attack speed during Spacetime Fracture by own evasion.

Skill Nagative Survive01

Shared skill Sharp Blade S-Rank

Active Evasion cd -4s

Skill Mei CK 002

Branch Attack - Sakura Scatter

Skill Mei CK 001

Whirlwind Slash

Trigger Whirlwind attack after first Basic Attack skill will float all surrounding enemies
Whirlwind Slash: 7*60% Physical damage

Skill Nagative StartUp03

[Shared] QTE Attack - Lai Slash

Perform QTE attack at floating enemy, create Spacetime Fracture and dealing 225% Whirlwind + 400% Ground slam Physical damage.

Skill Nagative StartUp01

Aerial Whirlwind Slash

Branch attack can be chained from any Basic Attack

Skill Nagative Skill03

Second Whirlwind Slash

Second Whirlwind Slash can be activated after first Branch Attack, deal damage equal to 100% of first Branch Attack.

Skill Mei CK 004 -278799

Ultimate - Amaterasu

Skill Mei CK 004

Exceed Mode - 50 EP

Full release Valkyrie energy
Unleash a slow moving slash burst in the front that deal up to 1150% Physical damage.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Soul Ki

Amaterasu now deal 79 fire damage, up to 17 times

Skill Nagative Damage02

Soul Blade A-Rank (Toggleable)

+15 Total EP, Amaterasu +20 consumption EP
Strengthen all attacks by adding Burst Mode for 20s after using Exceed Mode.

Skill Nagative Damage03

Sakura Soul SSS-Rank

Burst Mode phantom blades now +20% damage.

Skill Mei CK 006

Passive Skills

Skill Nagative Damage01

Shared skill Puncture Blade

+20% crit rate, +30% crit damage against Elite broken shield

Outfit storyEdit

Crimson ImpulseEdit

  • The third generation of Valkyrie armor, the design concept is "Tachi Specialized Assault Armor". As a result of sacrificing medium and long-range attacks, Crimson Impulse now have the ability to quick approach target at close range and the armor itself must be used with melee weapons.
  • In the original design, "Crimson" had flight functions. In order to make this design become true, the entire armor was lightly processed, and the group frame was specially made into the shape of the tail. However, this concept was finally unachieved, and the formed armor only had the function of short floating and gliding.
  • “Exceed Mode” - The Houkai power can be transmitted to the weapon several times at the supply rate and released in large quantities in an instant, causing a huge explosion shock.
    Unlike the White Comet "Burst Mode", Exceed Mode doesn't use the Houkai power to strengthen the armor itself. If she do that, thin armor may disintegrate itself because it can't handle that such power.


  • Crimson Impulse has been dyed into Gardenia! This color represents "eternal love and promise".


  • This azure armor represents the calm, deep ocean.

Vast OceanEdit

  • Beachside of a small island in a tropical country. The women in swimsuit who play under the sunshine in the afternoon bring coolness and calmness in summer.
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