This is the food-related story that happened to the female Valkyrie who returned to the dormitory. The dishes made by Valkyries are different, but the meanings contained in them are the same for the thoughts that important people want to convey.

Anime Edit

List of Episodes from Cooking with Valkyries (Based from Manga adaptation)

1.Bronya's Special Broscht (Chapter 1)

2.Kiana's Pizza Toast (Chapter 2)

3.Not Enough Cream Stew (Chapter 3)

4.Mediocre spice beef(Chapter 4)

5.Noodles of Hope(Chapter 5)

6.Super Sweet stuff wings (Chapter 6)

7.Fried Dumpling of Myself (Chapter 7)

8.Warm Onigiri (Chapter 8)

9..Summer beach BBQ 1/2 (Chapter 9)

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