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Honkai Impact 3rd main comics

Escape from Nagazora

Escape from Nagazora comic

Following the game plot of "Houkai Gakuen 2", in 2014, a strong Houkai power occurred in Nagazora. Kiana, Mei, and Bronya, three girls escaping from Nagazora and met Murata Himeko...

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms comic

The three girls who were brought into the Saint Freya Academy by Himeko were trained by the headmaster Theresa to become a Valkyrja. During the training, Kiana unexpectedly encountered 500 years ancestor Kallen, who died long time ago, and the "her" who entangled her all her life, also appeared in front of Theresa.

Stigmata Mystery

Stigmata Mystery comic

*Removed in newer versions due to story conflict / Chinese gov issue but the end of comic still able to see in Fu Hua's "The Forgotten" ending.

Following "Escape from Nagazora", the Kiana team traveled to China to find a sword called Xuanyuan Sword, located in a place called Chiyou...

Anti-Entropy Invasion

Anti-Entropy Invasion comic

The story takes place after "Stigmata Mystery". In Chiyou, Himeko being severely injured and her life is in danger and was bring back to Schicksal... In order to strengthen and protect important people, Kiana participated in the training designed by Theresa. But at this time, Anti-Entropy began to invade the Saint Freya Academy!


Gratitude comic

There was an abnormality in the stigmata behind Theresa's back, which caused Theresa to fall into a coma. In order to awaken Theresa, Mei enters the data space of the stigma to investigate the cause of the stigmata anomaly. At this time, "She" also appeared in front of Theresa, who was enclosed in the stigma space...

Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow comic

After the first Herrscher clone's invasion of Saint Freya Academy subsided, Himeko also recovered from the coma. While everyone was celebrating Himeko's return, Fu Hua received a mysterious task. And, the client of this mission gave her a strange instruction...

Purple Iris

Purple Iris comic

In 1470, Schicksal intent to expand forces by launching a large-scale East Expedition. Despite doubts about the purpose of this war, the most powerful Schicksal Valkyrja Kallen Kaslana, obeyed the order of the organization. But on the battlefield, her awareness was questioned...

Second Houkai War

Second Houkai War comic

At midnight on February 1, 2000, in the Babylon Laboratory of Siberia, all researchers disappeared overnight. While Otto ordered an investigation into the "mysterious" incident, there also appeared to be concerns about "her" appearance. And all of this kicked up the Second Houkai War...

Misty Holiday

Misty Holiday comic

In the bustling streets of London, England, Durandal and Rita set foot here in unison, away from Houkai battlefields and fierce battles. In this historic land, will it be a new mission, or a long-due holiday?


Heritage comic

For the past 4500 years, the Second God Key has been used to observe other "parallel worlds" on the "imaginary tree". The prosperous will decline, and the once glorious civilization will eventually wither. The answer hidden in the Second God Key is slowly emerging...

Honkai Impact 3rd extra comics

Azure Waters

Azure Waters comic

The story happened before "Houkai Gakuen 2". In the cold Russian snowfield, the killer Bronya known as Ural Silver Wolf met ordinary girl Seele, but then the fate has led them to become test subject...

Houkai Gakuen EX - Yae Sakura

Yae Sakura comic

The story happened before "Houkai Gakuen 2". In Japan 500 years ago, a witch named Yae Sakura lived in a peaceful village, a drifting nun, and the crystal she carried with terrible power, broke this hypocritical calm...

Kiana playing Houkai 3

Kiana playing Houkai 3 comic

Kiana has just entered the game "Houkai 3rd" based on herself. Fu Hua wants to give her comprehensive guidance as a veteran player, but finds that between herself and Kiana, there is an insurmountable gap of fortune...

God Key Secret

God Key Secret comic

More than 50000 years ago, humans of the last generation have developed a high degree of civilization. In order to fight against Herrscher, scientist have researched the core fragments of Herrscher to create a key weapon to resist Houkai and protect the future - God Keys.

Cooking with Valkyries

Cooking with valkyries comic

This is the food-related story that happened to the female Valkyrie who returned to the dormitory. The dishes made by Valkyries are different, but the meanings contained in them are the same for the thoughts that important people want to convey.

World Serpent

World Serpent comic

"Serpent", a creature that is rooted in many myths and ancient legends of human beings, the origin of its belief hasn't been verified. Now, all history and prophecy will be fulfilled, and a storm sweeping the world is coming.


ELF comic

The quantized body of Schrödinger travels through different world bubbles, exploring the truth of the world. She has visited many world bubbles and has come into contact with many different things. Schrödinger thought she was used to all kinds of strange settings, but this time, it was really strange...

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