Cocolia Orphanage

Cocolia build this orphanage during the collapse of Soviet Union. The orphanage houses orphans displaced during the Cold War. However, this orphanage is considered to be a bunker and was built by Russian military commander Cocolia. The Orphanage itself was designed to not be suspicious but contained a miniature Houkai Reactor beneath it.

Cocolia research facility

Cocolia lab

Cocolia research lab

The research facility was built under the Cocolia orphanage and having many mysterious researches. One important failed attempt at the experiment is Seele Vollerei who was born with the legendary ’Stigmata of Death’.

After the experiment, Seele Vollerei‘s body decayed at the subatomic level at an alarming rate. The experiment was stopped and Seele was never seen again. One of their successful project is the X-10 Experiment, Bronya Zaychik, who gained her ‘armored bunny’ from the experiment but retained major damage to her Emotive Center in her brain making her robot-like and emotionless.

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