Phoenix is a Psychic-type Fu Hua battelsuit dropped at Rank S.

Outfit StoryEdit

Chi LingEdit

  • Legend has it that there is a sage in Shenzhou. Whenever Shenzhou suffers a disaster, the immortal will eliminate the disaster and protect the peace of the land. Whether it is a foreign enemy or a breakout, the Shenzhou is not hurt in front of the immortal.
  • The immortal name calls "Jingwei", and she has a head of silver hair, blood-red irises, and a body wreathed in fire and capable of walking on the clouds.
    However, from a certain day, the world has never seen a sage. Some people say that the immortal became the sun herself and continued to watch over her lands.
  • She has experienced a lot and has forgotten a lot. But that appointment, like the mark imprinted in the deepest part of the memory, has never been forgotten.
    Although she could hardly remember the scene that she had promised, there was a kind of nostalgia and sorrow that could not be dispersed in her heart for a long time.
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