• Long distance attack
  • Strong support skills
  • Low EP ulti consumption

Core features

Core-Feature Shieldbreak Shieldbreak

Core-Feature Burst Charge Attack

Core-Feature Suction Suction

Core-Feature Spacetime Spacetime Fracture

General specs

Spacetime Fracture Float QTE
Branch No Charge Yes
Debuff None QTE condition Stun

Strong points and weak points

Strong points

  • She is useful in completing most of achievements.
  • Easy controls.
  • QTE does high amount of raw damage, powerful for new players

Weak points

  • As she was built as support, she lack of attack power in most builds.
  • Boring and weak attacks.
  • If other two Valkyries in the team are knocked out, it is hard for Chariot to stand ground as her QTE attacks are only support class and she cannot move or attack while doing the QTE rendering her vulnerable to enemy attacks behind or beside her. (Like Mechs who deal a lot of damage)

Chariot Skill Set

Skill Bronya ZP 005

Leader Skill - Reactive Armour

Skill Nagative Survive02

Reactive Armour

Team receive 28% less ranged physical damage.

Skill Bronya ZP 001 -278756

Basic Attack - Heavy Particle Cannon


Skill Bronya ZP 001

Charged cannon fire that deals greater damage with higher charge sequence.

Arm Switch: change ammo type depending on weapon or skill used.

Skill Nagative Survive03

Reflective Thrust

Block attack once and interrupt attacker when charging. CD 6s, block 80% damage.

Skill Nagative Damage01

Atomic Radiation

Uncharged attack ignite target, dealing 33 fire dmg/0.5s, duration 10s.

Skill Nagative Damage02

Chain Reaction

Basic Attacks +25% All-dmg against ignited enemies

Skill Bronya ZP 003 -278707

Dimension Shift

Spacetime Fracture

Skill Bronya ZP 003

Enter Void Dimension for short time to evade enemy attacks

Bronya can perform Forward/Backward Dash 2 times, cd 2s
Activate Active Evasion trigger Spacetime Fracture for 5s, cd 15s

Skill Nagative Skill02

Spacetime Lock

+100% charge speed during Spacetime Fracture

Skill Nagative Damage03

Quantum Lock A-Rank

Quantum Lock trigger after 1s when in Spacetime Fracture, all missiles and rockets fired during Quantum Lock +25% physical damage.

Skill Nagative Survive02

Particle Rebuild SS-Rank

Active Evasion CD -8s

Skill Bronya ZP 002

Gravity Crush


Skill Bronya ZP 001

Gravity Crush

Immediately launch a slam attack when tag-in
Ground Smasher: 150% Physical damage

Skill Nagative StartUp01

Heavy Smasher

Ground Smasher deal 300% additional Physical damage.

Skill Nagative StartUp02

QTE Attack - Supergravity Field

QTE attack at stunned enemy perform Ground Smasher with additional 100% Physical damage and create a Supergravity Field that deal 4158 Physical damage, knock up and Spacetime Lock all enemies on the field for 3s.

Skill Bronya ZP 004 531857


Skill Bronya ZP 004


Skill Nagative Damage02


Skill Nagative Control02


Skill Nagative Skill03


Skill Bronya ZP 006


Skill Nagative Damage01


Skill Nagative Damage02


Outfit Story


  • One of Valkyrie uniform of Destiny East Branch, "CHARIOT" is a special style of Bronya.
    Due to the special nature of Bronya, the Valkyrie uniform also has different mechanical styles compared to Kiana and Mei.
  • Because of the influence of the X-10 experiment, Bronya lost her athletic ability and must rely on prosthetic action. After joining the St. Freya Academy, Schicksal also made some modifications to her prosthetic limbs, which enabled her legs to better integrate with Valkyrie armor.
    In addition, although Bronya likes to float, she can actually walk.
  • It is said that when filling out the custom form, Bronya didn't write any special requirements, so Theresa added some elements to the uniform for Bronya according to her own preferences. She welcomes this girl from Anti-Entropy and is able to grow happily in this school.
    It turns out that the uniform designed by Theresa is perfect for Bronya - may be because the two are similar.
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