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Kiana Spoiler "Hey! You're not supposed to be here! You're going to ruin the surprise!"
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The one that end Houkai 2nd WorldEdit

Houkai 2nd AMV - See you in next world (Lyin OST)

Houkai 2nd AMV - See you in next world (Lyin OST)

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On December 7, 1998, in the ancient castle deep in the dense forest of the Northern Europe, Kiana was born in the snowy winter day.
Kiana began to accept the Houkai control experiment in 2002 but didn't show the ability of the Shania family, only the Kaslana family's Houkai resist
In 2007, when protecting the people in the village, Kiana were scratched and injured and asked the father: "We are always protecting other people... then who will protect me..." Siegfried said: "Of course, Dad is protecting You! My little Kiana!" and made a vow
In 2008, Kiana studied at L'Aquila Primary School in Italy.
Parental divorce in 2008
Studying at Port-au-Prince High School in Haiti in 2009
In 2010, the Second Impact appeared and Cecilia sacrificed herself. Three months later, Siegfried took Kiana to escape the Destiny organization and went to the northernmost place to investigate the "Tokyo Subway Sarin Attack".
However, from the record of Theresa's rumor about Otto, it is known that Siegfried did not take away Kiana. He took away the Kiana replica: the experimental body K-423 (that is, now in Houkai 3rd) Kiana", the real Kiana is kept by Otto.

Studying at Cagayan Secondary School in Philippines in 2011
In 2011, Siegfried disappeared, leaving only one sentence, "I am going to explore the origin of the collapse."
In 2013, Kiana studied at the High School of Qianyu College in Changkong City.
On December 7, 2013, the student’s disappearance was enrolled on the day of enrollment and was found at 19:34 that night in the deceased’s shallow warehouse. After the investigation, the major suspects in the case of the disappearance of the students in the deep snow position in the shallow warehouse with the mental abnormalities before the death. Kiana was identified as a legitimate defense and did not pursue her responsibility.
2014 Houkai occurred in the city of Changhong
From the center of the Houkai, "Senba High School", Kiana began the adventure of escaping from Houkai...


Kiana was born in a castle deep in the dense conifer forests of northern Europe on a snowy winter day.

Her mother, Cecilia Schariac, the purest cousin of the Shania family, has a strong ability to control Honkai power. Her father, Siegfried Kaslana is a genius playboy of the Kaslana family. The marriage of these two people has always been regarded as the political marriage between the Kaslana and Shania families, and was done by Otto with the aim of cultivating a powerful Houkai warrior with the abilities of both families.

Kiana's name comes from "Moonlight", this was given by her aunt Theresa.

Kiana inherited her mother's beautiful appearance and her father's powerful resistance to Houkai. By the time Kiana was 12 years old, the Honkai power from Shania's ability inside Kiana ran wild, which resulted in Siegfried's death while sealing the power.

In Honkai 3rd, player is controlling a "Fake Kiana" K-423 while the fate of real Kiana is unknown.

Knight Moonbeam ArmorEdit

Knight Moonbeam Armor is the prototype 4th generation god killer armor developed by Otto, this armor was found by Bronya during the Honkai Beast invade scene in Kaslana's hidden dataspace.


This armor does not only provide extra fire power but it also allows the wearer to infuse Houkai power from Ruler to make this armor even more destructive.

Raiden Moonbeam Kiana

Poem text on Moonlight ArmorEdit


They're dancing in the shadow
Like whisper of love
Just dreaming of place
Where they're free as dove
They've never been allowed
To love in this cursed cage
It's only the fairy tale

This is the reference to "It's Only The Fairy Tale" music


  • Despite having talents with adapting Houkai Energy the same as a class A Valkyrja and having 180 IQ, Fake Kiana’s results in classroom learning is rather bad, especially in history.
  • However, she does really well in field practice as she is the kind of person that doesn’t hate making an effort.
  • Owns a white, golden-tailed cat named Sora.
  • Likes Mei in a sexual way.
  • Good at games, but has never won a match against Bronya.
  • The Moonbeam Armor is confirmed used at least 4 powers, this include Kaslana power, 2nd Ruler power, 3rd Ruler power and 6th Ruler power
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