Celestial Hymn is a biological-type Theresa battlesuit dropped at rank S.

Outfit StoryEdit

Celestial HymnEdit

  • Theresa broke through the nightmare created by 12th Herrscher. The holy white dignified dress is reminiscent of the last owner, Kallen Kaslana. The source of Theresa's nightmare is her grandfather, the bishop Otto. He gave Theresa life, but also took away her best friends.
  • In the nightmare, Theresa finally chose to forgive Otto. She understood the feelings that Grandpa had poured into herself, but she also knew that the roots of that feeling were not normal.
  • For a moment, Otto said that he saw the soul of Kallen in Theresa's body, but he immediately denied the existence of the concept of "soul".
    Perhaps in 500 years, this cycle of contradictions has been repeated countless times, even the man himself doesn't know what he is seeking for.
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