Captain Hyperion is the character based on the player of the game Honkai Impact 3rd. They can be male or female dependent on the player's actions.


  • Like Kiana, both are dumbasses..
  • He is lustful, and covets on Mei and Kiana but his attempts is always tragic.
  • Sometimes when Kiana gets off work, the captain will walk home with Kiana, who is physically and mentally exhausted. Both of them are reluctant to spend a few dollars to take the bus in order to save money.
  • Having Captain rank in Manchukuo's ranking system
  • Compared to Bronya, he is dumb.
  • Always be treated with the care of fool's eyes and always be tricked by Bronya.
  • He is a Pervert
Spring Festival was serialized by Bronya. He with his naked body was trapped in the hot spring, and then was taken by the Valkyrie to extort a red envelope.
  • "Himeko's life is short, I want to treat her well" is his most emotional words when he talked with Himeko.
Himeko, As the Valkyrie who survived the last battle with the Herrscher, had too many war wounds and loneliness. She was alone for a long time but had a good impression of the captain's stupid but hard-working character
  • Although he is lustful, he also has a sense of responsibility. Hyperion is very strict on drinking especially on Himeko, and feels a lot of training for Himeko
  • Although he is a captain, he is notorious. He is the only labor force on the Hyperion and have to work even Bronya’s housekeeping robot is not as good. He can't touch anything except the elevator button, even the Hyperion firing control was firmly held by Teri.
  • His daily work on Hyperion is patrolling the bridge with "The Fish", usually playing miHoYo games during work hours.

Mysterious PersonEdit

  • He was said to be a nominal captain, in charge of the core database of Entropy.
  • Captain is usually male but can be female depending on the plot.
  • In Christmas Rhapsody, the captain use more than 1 God Key.
  • Having lots of knowledge, knowing lots of truths, and having opinions on some aspects.
  • In the interaction with Rita, he asked Rita about the status of the city but can't get a reply.
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