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Blueberry BlitzEdit

  • Lily, who is weak and sick, grew up under the protection of her sister. Her "treatment" seems to be less complete than Rozaliya, and she must rely on the help of some small devices to fight with her sister. But in any case, she likes the feeling of running in the sun with Rozaliya.
  • The sequelae of the experiment made Lilia fall asleep at 7:00pm, but compared to the old ones who were always sick, such limited free time has made her satisfied. Every day, the sudden sleepiness is always unpredictable, but Liliya isn't afraid at all because Rosaliya is always by her side.
  • Rozaliya said that the name "Blueberry Blitz" originated from a mixed drink. Lilia is still under the legal drinking age, so she doesn't know what it is. Is it a clear blue like the sky or a deep blue like the sea? In any case, she believes that her sister will give her the best name.
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