Outfit Story

  • The obsession of love and guardianship was made into a loneliness vow in the abyss. The lost traveler picked up the blood-stained sword and rise it up, and there was also the sadness that spanned the millennium.
  • In Chiyou cave, she was transformed into a appearance that was severely eroded by Houkai energy came from the Xuan Yuan Sword.
    Xuan Yuan Sword is a "dominant bond" that can absorb a large amount of Houkai energy and convert it into various elements. Thousands of years ago, the owner of this Golden Sword used it to destroy the Houkai trial-level beast, Chiyou, and sealed it.
  • Himeko, who was infected by Houkai, lost her self-awareness and became a existence being between human and dead.
    After losing the fear of death, the martial art teacher that once worked as a Valkyrie became even more mad. In addition to the God Key that is tightly held in her hand, her appearance became that of a blood-soaked rose on the battlefield.


  • Her wedding outfit is the first Himeko outfit featuring custom profile image along with custom pose and not holding default weapon, custom idle animation and stage clear pose.
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