• Max20091

    Currently there is an issue on this wiki that ppl usually using SEA or Global translation and I found that most of their translation are wrong and it's pretty much like what happened on Houkai Gakuen 2 (or Guns Girl Z)

    Here is the proof of current "Official English" translation issue:

    miHoYo hiring pretty bad translator, plz fix!

    Here is another meme

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  • Max20091

    Compatible with Desktop and Mobile view. In order to improve editing speed, I recently converted old table which look really bad to new, better system using database + template for much easier and quicker editing (up to 100% faster editing speed!!!)

    Recently I found that editing on current table is too painful for me compared to my competitors so I have added a template.

    This is what old table look like

    Basic Attack - Meteor Target

    Melee/Ranged - Normal attack

    Gun Fu penta kicks

    1st Kick: 100% Physical damage
    2nd Kick or Shot: 100% Physical damage
    3rd Kick or Shot: 100% Physical damage
    4th Kick: 2*150% Physical damage
    5th Kick: 250%  Physical damage

    Meteor Fragment

    +143 Physical damage

    Comet Explosion - A Rank

    Destroy elite shield deal 220% Physical damage


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  • Max20091

    Hello everyone, this is Max, I want to say thanks to everyone who anticipated to this wiki and Happy New Year!

    Thanks to latest Fandom updates, now most pages can display contents correctly on mobile devices

    Character stats and skills now have latest updates and S.E.C.R.E.T infos the game doesn't provide for you.

    You may notice the character story now have many parts that isn't come from just "Houkai Impact 3rd" but also comes from other sources like Houkai Gakuen 2 (Guns Girl Z 2) and Houkai 3rd comics that related to Houkai Impact 3rd so you will have better world view about Houkai.

    Also each valks now have Outfit Story

    Further improve user experiences

    Complete valkyrja skill list

    More character infos

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  • Max20091

    Main page redesign

    June 10, 2018 by Max20091

    Few people will feel a little bit strange about the new redesign. That's right, I have redesigned the front page so it look more cleaner, more professional and doesn't have giant ads that cut the screen like the older main page anymore.

    This is how it looks, I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Max20091

    Mobile compatibility update

    February 26, 2018 by Max20091

    This is my first update to make this Wikia more compatible with mobile devices

    These are few images about what it look like on mobile

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