Outfit StoryEdit

эрозия формы (Erosion form)Edit

  • The girl continued her life alongside her friends. She thought she had got rid of the past, but when the cold voice sounded, the girl suddenly realized that she had never escaped from that horrible nightmare...
  • "Run away" After all, the girl did not have time to say this. She watched herself start attacking her comrades, but there is no way to stop it.
  • After that, the East Branch analyzed the power of "Black Nucleus", which is different from high-mobility Valkyrie armor. This armor made by Anti-Entropy carries a lot of weapons for annihilation, and its firepower is like a small portable arsenal that can move freely.
    The armor is not designed for the purpose of guarding, but for "destruction".


  • Black Nucleus is the only armor in the game that can perform Stealth Mode thanks to Anti-Entropy technology, it's also one of the most powerful defensive buff due to 100% immune to any kind of damage while in stealth.
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