Outfit Story

Battle Storm

  • Himeko first joined the Valkyrie and this is battle suit worn by Schicksal
    At that time, Schicksal hadn't developed a universal armor for Valkyrie. The battle suit used by Valkyrie used a fabric that had a protective effect against Houkai, but it was far less than what could be called "armor".
  • The Valkyrie team using heavy weapons has special requirements for their combat suits, because too heavy clothing will affect the swing power of the weapon, so their combat suits are usually lightly weighted.
    But if the battle suit is too thin, the defensive performance is very low - how to deal with the compromise between the two is the second headache for developers.
  • By the way, the first headache is how to design beautiful costumes that can be accepted by these girls while ensuring the defensiveness and lightness of the battlesuit.
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