Basic status contain basic stats of a valkyja.

Visible stats Edit

  • Rank: Rank of a Valkyrja, playable Valkyrja start at B-rank and maximum SSS-rank.
  • Health Points (HP)
  • Energy Points (EP): Maximum amount of EP a Valkyja can carry, can be used to use Weapon skills or Ultimate.
  • Attack Points (ATK): Self-explained, for damage calculation, you can read in Damage calculation.
  • Defense Points (DEF): Self-explained, DEF can only block Physical damage but not Elemental damage.
  • Critical Points (CRT): Self-explained, this does not reflect final Critical Rate.
  • Experience Points (EXP)
  • Fragments: Fragments required to uprank a valkyrja
  • Load: Gear load of a valkyrja, if current gear load exceed max gear load then you can't equip gears.

Invisible stats Edit

  • Critical Rate or Critical Chance (CRR): Self-explained, for more infomations, you can read it in here.
  • Physical resistance / Elemental resistance / All-damage resistance
  • Shield Damage Multipler (SDM): by default is x1
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