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"The Twins were created during the 2nd Honkai Eruption and seem to serve as the embodiment of the 2nd Herrscher's will. No one figured out how this Honkai Beast could split its body into 2 independent entities." ― Memorial Arena description

Boss attributes

Skill descriptions are shared across all Memorial Arena brackets. But the boss stats are vastly different across brackets.

C Rank

Have no special skills

B-SS Rank

  • Reinforced Armor: Block 300 Physical damage per 0.5s and capable of wielding weapon
  • Lightning Summon: Assaka summon [1-6 depend on rank] auto-homing lightning bolt to attack Valkyries.

Combat behavior


Laser beam: Fire 2 lasers from the eyes, quite slow and not able to hit player in melee range.

Frostbolt: Slam the ground and release 6 frostbolts. These frostbolts have big hitboxes and that can OHK player if standing in melee range.

Lightning Summon: Assaka summon [1-6 depend on rank] auto-homing lightning bolts, dealing massive amount of damage to player if touch it. Not only that these lightning bolts also leaving electric trace that damage player standing in.

Melee attacks

Front sweep: 4 combo attack, second and third hit will stun player if hit, 4th hit deal massive amount of damage.

Crazy sweep: 7 combo attack, quite fast attacks.

Heavy slam: Assaka slam the ground hard enough that able to make a second AoE explosion.

Jump down: Assaka jump and drop to player position, dealing siginificant amount of damage.

Charge: Assaka will hold 2 hands and charge to player, if player unable to avoid they will take significant amount of damage.

Weapon mode

Summon weapon: Assaka stand in place for 3s to summon a long stick that improve attack range and damage.

Shockwave slam: Assaka hit slam the ground and release 6 shockwaves, shockwave increase range each tick.

Enhanced front sweep: 4 combo attack, 3rd and 4th is 360° spin attack.

Enhanced crazy sweep: 4 combo attack that able to take down careless valkyrja.


  • Break the armor to remove damage resistances.
  • Physical lineup is the only way to break the armor fast.
  • Crosses can be used to block Assaka from moving.