Aoi Knight - MoonsoulEdit

Armor type: Particle Flow Divergence Specialized Armor


崩壊3rd公式PV ver.2

崩壊3rd公式PV ver.2.9「暁闇と蒼き月」

Outfit StoryEdit

Aoi Knight - MoonsoulEdit

  • The 4th generation armor specifically designed for S-class Valkyrie, Rita Rossweisse. It symbolizes the fearful side of the moon, spreading the cold of the extinct creatures like the moonlight over the earth, bringing despair to everything.
  • "Crescent Mode" is the new moon form, the unique particle flow distribution system of Aoi Knight - Moonsoul. When the Crescent Mode begins, the gauze-like structure behind the armor will unfold and release Crescent particles over a wide area. These particles quickly absorb the heat from the environment and turn the surroundings into extremely cold prison resulting losing temperature. Only the Aoi Knight can stride among them and raise the sickle to harvest the enemy's life.
  • "Moon Silver" - when the moon particles reach a certain concentration, the shadow of the "Moon Silver" will appear behind the armor, which is also the reason for its name "Moonsoul". This ghostly human figure is like a silent god of death. As the edge of the blade dances in the bleak moonlight, the enemy's body is covered with ruthless hoarfrost.
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