This special equipment of the Valkyrja Force is used for high-altitude landing operations. It generates high-intensity jet stamping in a short time by the built-in small rocket launcher to effectively slow down the gravitational energy for safe landing.


The physical ability of a Valkyrja is much stronger than average human being, and they can jump at the height of 20 meters without being damaged. This kind of armor make full use of physical strength of Valkyrja, and the wings has great advatage in term of speed and flexibility.

Structural analysisEdit

Armor type: Special Attack Tactical Armor


Waist Dovetail WingsEdit

It is used to control direction and maintain balance during high-altitude landing, effectively assist Valkyrja to flexibility control body movements while in the air.

Leg BoosterEdit

It is used to reduce the impact caused by strong impulse generated by the main propeller, also used to maintain the angle during falling and maintain balance of human body.

Plasma Rocket BootEdit

It is the main device, with plasma as the power power source that is lightweight, high reliability and suitable for individual Valkyrja.

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