Character introductionEdit

Old lifeEdit

Ai Chan (Full name: Self-regulatory Unit A1) was destroyed by the last generation K23 Defensive Self-regulatory Unit and later awakened by Theresa who came to investigate the Arctic Ocean island.

After the battle with Theresa, A1 ran out of energy, lost most of the memory and abilities. Theresa connected Ai to the Hyperion system, giving birth of the artificial intelligence.

New lifeEdit

As Ai Chan lost most of the memory and abilities, she is like an ignorant baby, under the education of Theresa.

Ai Chan new mission is to assist Valkyrja, maintain and assist battleships, manage supplies, analyze data and doing other combat operations.

"Future War" update (04-01-2017)Edit

The following is just an April Fools Joke, not real in-game content, current or future.

Under the genius of Ai Chan, the battleship upgrade will be completed soon! Well, take a look at the new captain in this version ~

Naoe KanetsuguEdit


Has initial SS and when you get her, she will automatically become your valkyrja and cannot be removed.

Naoe Kanetsugu is capable of using any type of weapons, able to equip more than 3 stigmatas at the same time.

Each time player trigger perfect evasion will receive 5 crystals.

However, player should be noticed that Naoe Kanetsugu have extreme operational cost. When player ownes her, you must have 10.000 crystals daily to pay for Naoe, otherwise Naoe will disappear forever from your Valkyrja list.

Discipline Enforcer A1Edit


Discipline Enforcer A1 is the most powerful valkyrja in the game with initial SSS rank, and also the only character that can be promoted to SSSSS rank.


Discipline Enforcer has superb fire, lighting and ice skills, as well as having powerful burst mode and CC skills. Also she has exceeded the melee and ranged combat power.

Because Discipline Enforcer A1 is so strong, she will take up all 3 Valkyrja positions in a squad. However, she can equip 3 weapons at a time and a total of 9 stigmata. Different weapons and stigmata combinations are capable of granting unlimited fighting styles for Discipline Enforcer A1.
After clearing a stage with Discipline Enforcer A1, she will laugh at the stage for being too easy, and will permanently delete the stage from the game.

According to reliable sources, Discipline Enforcer A1 is steadily climbing towards the coveted position as the no.1 fan-favorite Valkyrie!

Ai Chan database hack (04-01-2018) Edit

Ai Chan hacked some character avatar system that look like this:

AIChan hacked avatar

These are valkyrja got hacked by Ai Chan

Ai Chan database hack 2(04-01-2019) Edit

All character default avatars turned into Valkyrie Judah, outfit with custom avatar can't be haxxed.


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